Health Starts From the Mouth & Mouth is Part of the Body

I am a Dentist...

I'm a Dentist and/or Oral Physician and would like to learn more about submitting qualifying procedures and claims to Medicare & Other Medical Payers

I am a Patient

I am a patient  that has recently had or about to have dental treatment and would like to get help to get covered for my procedures and/or find a doctor that can help

Be a Health Planner

I want to learn how I can help patients find a doctor and get covered for the medical treatments they need. I'm passionate about health and love helping others.

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Dental is Much More Medical Than We Know

Specialized Support for DDS/DMD Medical Billing

Stop accepting dental fees for your medical/surgical procedures that save lives, you're a doctor, you should get paid like one.

Health Planners To Make Your Health Journey Easier

Get the help you need from specialized health planners that work for you, the patient and your best health

Help People
Get Health Back

Take classes and learn to be a health planner to help people live healthier and happier

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Health Starts From Mouth & Mouth is Part of the Body
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