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Medical Billing System for DDS/DMD Made easy

It's doesnt matter what school you went to or how long you've been in Dentistry, we all know there is a huge disconnect between health and oral health as if the mouth was some foreign, isolated part of the body.


Dentists not only save lives, they are the most capable and qualified to make and improve lives overall. Most health conditions cannot even be considered the caused until all the conditions in the mouth are cleared. It makes sense because health starts from the mouth and should be treated with the respect it deserves

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Not Interested in Medical Billing?

It's Your Patients Money, they can also hire a Health Planner to help them get their insurance or plan to pay for the services you offer ahead of time. This makes billing issues go away because the patient every practice dreams of comes walking in, case sold, check in hand. 

Imagine that happening not be luck but because you have an small group of specialized people helping you do the job your office manager just cannot do by his/herself. 

Patient care is special and requires time, health planners are here to do just that

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