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Patients: Watch This

Health Starts in the Mouth & Mouth is Part of the Body 

... and thats why "We all deserve Oral Health"

70% of all breast cancer and heart disease is caused from an oral infection or disease yet 60% of Americans don't even make it to the dental office. Of those that don't go, it's not because they dont know dentists exists, they are scared or have had a bad experience in the past. If you're living in America, you've probably experienced the same thing, little treatment options, and poor dental coverage have silently been saying no and turning down patients for decades.


Most high blood pressure diabetes, and cholesterol problems arent what you think they are, it's dehydration and lack of proper nutrition and exercise. Everyone knows it but doesnt do it. It's time we correct these aggregious gaps in the healthcare system. Instead of a industry of profit-greedy companies picking off patients for the bottome line, we should remove and even rid ourselves of out-dated and/or obsolete and archaic practices that simply do not work anymore other than make money.

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